Kitchen Plumbing

If there is one place in your house where you'll need more plumbing work than in your kitchen we'd be surprised. Sinks, waste disposals, washing machines, dishwasher, water filters all need plumbing in. Not to mention it's also where you'll likely have your gas boiler and hot water supply.

New kitchen plumbing

When planning a new kitchen it's important to plan so that everything works out the way you want. Our engineers can help you from the planning through to fitting and final completion. Being gas safe registered we can fit all your gas appliances and even move or install gas supply if required. Will will always do our best to fit in and liaise with any other trades that may be involved.

Under floor kitchen heating

Wouldn't it be nice to to stand on your nice new tiled floor bear foot first thing in the morning to make that cup of tea without your feet turning to ice before the kettle has even boiled? With under floor heating you can no problem and what's more with modern heating systems underfloor heating can even be more efficient than traditional radiators. And while I'm mentioning radiators there's another benefit to under floor heating, you get your walls back.

Washing machine and Dishwasher Plumbing

Have you got a new kitchen appliance that needs plumbing in? We can plumb in Dishwashers, washing machines, fridges well anything that requires it really. Give us a call for a no obligation free quotation today.

Water Filters

Is that filter jug always empty? Why not install a mains fed water filter? We have a range for you to chose from that cover basic filtration of chlorine and particulates through to UV filters that provide extremely pure water. Kettle lime scale will be a thing of the past, your tea will taste better not to mention a glass of water.

Kitchen plumbing repairs

Leaky sink in Chelmsford, dripping tap in springfield we can fix it. Our trained plumbers hold most common stock in their vans so simple repairs like these will be a past annoyance in no time. Give our plumbing repair hotline a call on 01245 469 551

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