Heating Services

Solar hot water, high efficiency condensing boilers and heat pumps there is so much choice on the market today it makes sense to use the services of established heating engineers who really know their stuff. Why not give us a call today?

Gas Boiler installation and repair

We are all keen to do our part these days and make our homes greener places. There isn't a much better place to start than by replacing your old boiler with a new highly efficient model. Not only will you have piping hot water at the turn of the tap but you will save money on your bills as fitting a new gas boiler could increase can provide household heating at over 85% efficiency. We'd be happy to discuss the options and provide a free quote so please give us a call today on 01245 469 551.

Boiler replacement and installation

It's important to make the correct informed decision when replacing a boiler. Depending on the size of your house and your needs your may be better served by selecting a condensing boiler to immediately provide hot water on tap or a system boiler and tank to ensure you have plenty of piping hot water when you need it. Both types of boiler are highly efficient and will help to lower bills and reduce carbon footprint. Our friendly staff are always willing to discuss your requirements to ensure you get the system that best suits your home.

High Efficiency condensing gas combination boilers

Unlike regular boilers, condensing boilers use the hot gasses produced during the heating cycle to preheat the the water entering the system instead of wasting the heat straight out the flu. Combination boilers account for over half our new installations but they are not for everyone as depending on the size of your property they may struggle to provide sufficient hot water. However for the majority of dwelling such as flats and small houses they are ideal and you get the added bonus that you no longer need hot water storage tanks so you may even get an extra cupboard!

System Boiler installation

System boilers use the same heat recycling technology as combination boilers but they are able to provide larger quantities of hot water from the storage tanks that they heat. System boilers can be integrated with solar or ground source heat pumps to harness free renewable energy to cut those fuel bills and emissions yet further. Regardless fitting a new system boiler to replace an old regular boiler will make a big improvement to the hot water and heating in your home.

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