Domestic Heating

With so much choice for a new domestic heating solution you will want to take advice and get a system fitted by the professionals. At D.W. Rodwell Ltd we always keep our engineers fully trained and up to date with current heating technology.

Replacement home boiler choice

The size and location of your home will determine the choice of hot water and heating system that you choose. If you are planning a new build or house renovation then you will have the most flexibility and choice. No matter what your situation or stage of planning give us a call on for an impartial discussion.

Underfloor heating

To get the most out of the new high efficiency heating and hot water system you can fit underfloor heating. By heating your floors you can run the whole system at a lower temperature which will reduce your bills and carbon emissions. Underfloor heating also allows you to install more heating in the areas you use most often or want warmer such as living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms and less in bedrooms and hallways.

Air to water heat source pumps

By using technology developed by commercial heating and air-conditioning companies these systems harvest the free renewable energy in the outside air using high efficiency condensers and a standard electric supply to drive the pumps. Even in a cool country like the UK these systems can provide a large portion of your domestic heating needs. In conjunction with a condensing boiler or system boiler you will have a warm home and piping hot water all year round.

Solar hot water panels

Since we fist saw solar panels in the 80's huge advances in technology have been made so that even on a cloudy day solar hot water panels work well. If you have a southerly facing roof then solar can be a great way to reduce your domestic energy bills. Solar hot water panels work by pumping heating fluid, that has been heated by the sun's rays, through specially designed hot water cylinders. In summer it is possible that all your domestic hot water needs can be provided by solar energy. In winter the water will be preheated by the solar panels before further heating by a gas boiler.

High Efficiency Condensing boilers

Instead of the hot gases from your boiler venting directly outside a condensing boiler pre-heats the water coming into it using a highly efficient condenser so that the gases that do leave the system are far cooler. This increases the efficiency to over 85% which is impressive when you consider your current conventional boiler is likely to be under 50% efficient! Add that to hot water on demand and no need for a separate hot water cylinder and you have a very attractive domestic heating solution.

Gas System Boiler

If your home is larger then your hot water needs will be greater and a condensing boiler may struggle to provide sufficient hot water. A system boiler uses the same highly efficient technology but hot water is pumped to a separate hot water cylinder that's usually located either in an upstairs airing cupboard or loft space. A system boiler can also be integrated with Solar Hot water Panels or Air to water heat source pumps to lower your fuel bills and carbon emissions.

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